Buskers carry a very mythical persona for me. They are unique characters that become part of the architecture and space. They transform these spaces into a stage-less podium that invites a temporal and sporadic way of experiencing their performances. There is an illusion created around them and their lives. While this illusion can easily be broken by seeing the moment when they transform themselves out to their character, this fragility develops an even more powerful beauty which highlights the ephemerality of their craft.

Metropolitan Av. Station, New York.

Zócalo de Chihuahua, Mexico.

1 train, New York.

“Bosqueando” derives from the Spanish word ‘forest’ and is used as a verb in action: ‘to forest’. The word also suggests the term ‘busking’ which is performing in an ‘anti-stage’, such as a subway. Subways are often regarded as mystical landscapes in a subjective almost illusionary form. The purpose for this project is to travel to these sound spaces and merge with the existing life, exploring different cultures and observing their unique reactions to sound in different productions. “Bosequando” is a form of performance which helps bridge these surrealistic landscapes into our own perception of space.
A. Anzaldua
Birds at Dusk
Broadcasted on August 4th, 2014

At the greenest point in the city of Chihuahua, flocks of birds slowly submerge you into an intimidating wave of a sonic continuum. The notion of distance and space is also an enjoyable element to hear.

From L to Time Square

From L to Times Square
Broadcasted on July 7th, 2014
...That is why I can stand to be in Mexico City, or New York. You are not stuck there; by the fact of being there at all, you are traveling.

William Burroughs- Queer

San Marcos, Aguascalientes

San Marcos
Broadcasted on June 2 and 4, 2014 

A big and communal street cantina, La feria de San Marcos holds a swarm of human specimens having as a resultant a sonic overlap of traditional and modern tendencies, broken conversations, and life in all its representations. This splendid sonic landscape is only akin to the feast of itinerant smells of food, lotions, alcohol, copal, and urine.

San Marcos
Transmición del 2 y 4 de Junio del 2014

La Feria de San Marcos: una gran cantina callejera y comunal inundada en un enjambre de personas. El resultado es una eminente yuxtaposición sónica de tendencias tradicionales y modernas, conversaciones rotas, y vida en todas sus manifestaciones. Un paisaje sonoro solo comparable con el festín de olores transeúntes de comida, perfumes, alcohol, copal, y orina.